Segway Rally

Explore Paris’ Grands Boulevards with a fun and environment friendly medium: step on a Segway, an electric self-balanced vehicle. After a few minutes of training you will be able to go in small groups to discover or revisit the French capital.

Supervised by your guide, who will take responsibility for your training and security all along the ride, you will stroll down Paris’ sideways to the pace of amusing anecdotes about the history of the city and its most beautiful monuments.

Military School, Invalides, Great Palace, Concorde Square, Eiffel Tower… Follow your guide and let yourself carried away on a both cultural and playful ride!.

Team Building Segway Paris


- Price : From 45€ excl. taxes / person
- Duration : 1h30 to 3h (training included)
- Departure : Morning, afternoon, evening
- Included : Segway, Helmet, Gloves (winter), training
- Minimum : 13 y.o / 45kg / 1m55
- Not recommended to pregnant women
- People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

GPS Rally

With your group, experience a playful, interactive and instructive visit of Paris’s places and curiosities. In this urban challenge, each team follow a walking trail. Your smartphone indicates the place to discover and the question or enigma that you will have to resolve.

Did all the players carefully paid attention to the clues in the video or listened to the musical extract? Who is going to decipher this weird code and find the meaning of this strange message? In this route your shared knowledge and the respective interests of each member of the group will contribute to the success of the team.

Your creativity will also be useful. For specific stages, you will be asked to take amusing photographs of your group as proof of passing. These photos will grant you extra points that will maybe help you to finish at the top position!

Team Building gps rally Paris


- Price : From 35€ excl.taxes /Person
- Duration : 2 hours
- Place of investigation : Orsay Museum or Covered Passages of Paris
- Included : Phone, Road Book, Briefing
- Group from 15 to 150 people
- Not recommended to pregnant women
- People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Segway Games

For your team building, council or company’s celebration or a multi-activity day, we organise workshops to initiate people to Segway driving.

The Segway, a silent, modern and playful vehicle, easily accessible for everybody, is the ideal machine to achieve your events. In opened or payable access, it will attract onlookers and people in quest of new sensations.

If you like competition, you will take up several challenges in teams. From the Segway waiters’ race to timed relay with shot on target, you will have to chow dexterity, precision, timeliness and team spirit to win the “Champagne cup”!

TeamBuilding PAris Segway Game


- Price: From 535€ excl. taxes
- Duration: 1 to 7 hours
- 1 guide for 3 segway maxi.
- Included: Segway, Helmet, Beaconing, Delivery Ile-de-France.
- Minimum: 13 y.o / 45kg / 1m55
- Not recommended to pregnant women
- People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Kin Ball

Grab a 1.22-meter balloon, form three teams on a 20 meters’ square field and let’s go for a Kin Ball tournament!

Three teams of 4 players compete at the same time during the play. The attacking team name an opposing team calling out its colour and throw the balloon in a strategic spot so it will not be caught. The first team to reach 13 points win the first round. The team winning 3 rounds win the game!

The rules of the game require a great collaboration between the players: everybody must touch the balloon before it is thrown out and no strategy can be implemented without a thorough communication inside the team…

Team Buiding Kin Ball Paris


- Price: From 480€ excl. taxes
- Duration: Half day / Day
- Group Size: 12 persons and more
- Not recommended to pregnant women
- People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.