Everything about the Paris Segway Tour

Is everyone able to ride a Segway ?

The Segway is a self–balanced vehicle and it is approchable for everyone after a short training session.
If you are able to walk you will be able to ride a Segway.

Is it possible to rent a Segway for yourself ?

For security reasons, we do not rent Segway for your personal use but the Segway Tours are a good way to discover the Segway safely.
If you want to go on your own, we can suggest you our electric scooters.

How long in advance should i book my Segway Tour ?

It dépends on the season and the forecast. If you have a fixed date the earlier is the better. If your request is not available we will suggest your another time or another date.

What is the Segway’s speed ?

The maximum speed is 20km/hours or 12,5 miles/hours.

Where do we drive with our Segway ?

The Segway in Paris is considered as a pedestrian accessory. We use the sidewalks and sometimes part of bike path.

Are we allowed to take a passenger on a Segway ?

Unfortunately the Segway is a personal transporter. So no hitchhikers !

Are the tours runned regardless weather conditions ?

Our tours are maintained under light rain or drizzle, we will propose you rain ponchos.
However if the weather conditions makes the tour progress difficult we will postpone or cancel the tour.

Is there comments during the tour ?

There is a live guide who will present you on a ludic way the places and the monuments you will meet during the tour.

Are the kids allowed to drive a Segway ?

Yes the kids over 45kg or 100lb are allowed. Minimum Age : 13 years old.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Insurance and responsibility ?

All the drivers must be covered by their own public liability insurance.
During the tour the driver is responsible for the damages to the machine, to others or to himself or related to the traffic laws.